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Employment law can be a minefield for many employers, from start-ups trying to navigate the employment landscape while growing their business to established businesses trying to keep up with changing laws and practices. Being involved in a workplace dispute is highly stressful for all of those involved and is a distraction from productivity that should be avoided at all costs.
We provide clear and effective advice on legal issues and provide innovative yet pragmatic solutions to ensure the best outcome.
As employment law is constantly evolving, we keep our finger on the pulse of developments and provide bespoke and up-to-date training on relevant topics. Our highly experienced employment team consists of lawyers qualified in Gibraltar, Ireland and the UK. 

Your People
are Your Value

We recognise that people are your organisation’s most valuable asset. 

Having clear guidance on the best employment practices is vital for a competitive and thriving business that wants to attract and retain skilled individuals. Paying staff on time every time is also key and we can help with our payroll services.

We are an equal opportunity services provider and treat all of our clients with equal respect: we act for both employers and employees of all industries and seniorities alike, considering the law from both sides to help our clients comprehend all the relevant employment law implications that are likely to affect them.

In listening to our clients and identifying early on what solutions are best suited to their specific needs, we can offer a variety of pragmatic and cost-effective solutions.

We advise clients across a wide variety of industries including retail, gaming, finance, real estate, information technology and recruitment.


Our services for employers: 

We are able to advise you on UK and Gibraltar- related employment matters, including the following:

    • Unfair dismissal (including constructive unfair dismissal).
    • Wrongful dismissal.
    • Redundancy.
    • Discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation.
    • Grievances & disciplinary.
    • Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment
    • (TUPE).
    • Employment contracts (including drafting, review and
    • dispute resolution).
    • Compromise and settlement agreements.
    • Unlawful salary deductions.
    • Checks and processes involved in recruitment.
    • Whistleblowing.
    • Employment tribunals.
    • Working hours and pay.


Training & policies

Well-drafted policies and procedures are vital to protect your business. We know from experience that early investment in these documents is essential, not only to clarify your employees’ rights and obligations but to resolve disputes swiftly.

We can draft the following documents for all types and sizes of businesses:

    • HR policies and handbooks
    • Consultancy agreements
    • Employment contracts
    • Directors’ service agreements


In our experience, many employment disputes arise because of a lack of clarity as to current legal requirements, and a lack of training of key personnel to handle matters appropriately.

We provide comprehensive training services for solicitors, employers, in-house counsel, and HR departments on all areas of Gibraltar/UK employment law.

We also provide in-house training on conducting appraisals, performance management, complaints handling, and mediation methodology for managers to improve communication and professionalism in the workplace.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are fully committed to ensuring that our clients are up to date with their legal requirements pertaining to diversity and inclusion. Getting equality law wrong is a costly and time-consuming mistake for an employer.

We will be able to help you develop appropriate policies, design training for managers, and ensure that your organisation presents a culture of inclusivity in line with legal requirements.

Mediation and Negotiation

Our approach is to always encourage open discussion or mediation as the most sensible and commercial way to resolve disputes in the workplace. 

Tribunal Representation

If litigation is unavoidable and contemplated as a last resort, then it is important that both parties are aware of the procedural rules associated with employment tribunal claims and, since these are often time-sensitive, it is crucial that these are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. We can advise you as to the merits of bringing a claim, explain to you the process, prepare the necessary documents and witness statements, and where appropriate, provide you with a highly experienced advocate.

Payroll Provision Services

Payroll is often overlooked as a key aspect of a company’s finance function. It is time critical, sensitive, and ever-changing. Outsourcing this task allows managers to focus on other areas of business, which means the company does not have to keep up to date with the changing tax codes and administrative procedures (especially where a company is new to the jurisdiction), and helps maintain confidentiality.

Our team of professionals are experienced in providing payroll services that use specialised payroll software. Your payroll data can be batch imported into our payroll software, reducing manual errors, whilst speeding up payroll processing and reporting can be fully electronic and password protected. 

Additionally, we can handle all payments to staff, pension providers, and the Income Tax Office.

What do clients say?

“...Ramparts have assisted us with various matters over the years, such as employment, regulatory and corporate law issues. I would highly recommend David and his entire team as they stand out for their knowledge, experience and competitive pricing in the legal market.”
Anna Tsyupko
CEO of Paybase

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