Gibraltar Tax Regime


Gibraltar has an attractive and simple tax regime that makes doing business easy. There is no Capital Gains Tax, VAT, Inheritance Tax and Income Tax is set at a relatively low level for companies and individuals.

The tax regime is based on the accrued and derived principle which focuses income tax on activities conducted in and from Gibraltar. In addition, there are many forms of exempt income tax (such as dividends from foreign or listed companies).

How can we help?

Ramparts can assist organisations and individuals looking to relocate to Gibraltar or to set up a structure in Gibraltar as part of their international structuring. 

We can help establish your investment or corporate structures, seek residence and prepare and file individual or corporate tax returns. We assist clients with the application for CAT2 or HEPSS status.

Gibraltar Tax Summary

Corporation Tax

12.5% for most companies.

Income Tax for individuals

There are a number of tax regimes for individuals. The personal allowance before income is taxable is currently £11,450. The primary regimes are a gross based scheme and an allowance based system (with a large number of allowed deductions).

Under the gross based system individuals are taxed as follows:

Individuals with gross assessable income not exceeding £25,000:

  • the first £10,000 of assessable income @ 8%
  • the next £7,000 @ 22%
  • balance @ 30%


Individuals with gross assessable income exceeding £25,000:

  • the first £17,000 of assessable income @ 18%
  • the next £8,000 @ 21%
  • the next £15,000 @ 27%
  • the next £65,000 @ 30% 
  • balance @ 27%


Tax calculators are available at the Government website.

Withholding tax

There are no withholding taxes on dividends, interest, or royalties paid to non-residents.

Tax Treaties

Gibraltar has treaties in place with the United Kingdom and Spain.

There are also special tax regimes available for Category 2 persons with significant assets (CAT2) and for High Executives Possessing Specialist Skills (HEPSS). These schemes limit the maximum tax payable in any year by a certificate holder.

See our CAT2 and HEPSS brochure below for further information.