Outsourced Legal
& Compliance


We work very closely with and care for our clients. As partners in their success, we wish them to see us as outsourced professionals with an in-house style. We work with document and communication tools that suit our clients and their business partners.


Given this ethos of collaboration, we work closely with regulated clients in the payments, gaming and crypto space on a retainer model as an ‘in-house style’ provider of:
  • AML policies and procedures
  • KYB/KYC support including source of wealth verification
  • legal & regulatory advice
  • contract review & negotiation

Case Study

  • For one of our clients we helped set up a Google group and space so that their customers can email our team at the client’s domain and email group and we deal with KYB requirements directly.
  • In addition we maintain the policies and procedures and conduct onboarding risk-scoring. For the client it allows them to show professionalism and meet their AML obligations without expanding their core operations team or subscribing for the various database services needed when conducting KYB, KYC and doing chain analysis on wallets.
  • We also provide the client with a contract review and drafting service plus regulatory advice as it arises for a set number of hours per month.

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